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Heat Tinting to Enhance Meteorite Microstructure

Every year since 1972, the International Metallographic Society (IMS) and ASM International co-sponsor the International Metallographic Content (IMC) and Exhibit. This year's event was held at the IMAT 2022 conference in New Orleans, LA. The goal of the contest is to advance the science of microstructural analysis and enhance awareness of novel preparation methods. There are six (6) different classes of competition covering all fields of light and electron microscopy.

Derek Barnes, a Sr. Metallographer at PES, submitted a poster entry into the Class 1 Light Microscopy category. This class requires multiple images and caption in a poster format to help solve problems or describe unique or unusual metallographic techniques. Derek's submittal was entitled "Heat Tinting to Enhance Meteorite Microstructure." His technique utilizes a controlled oxidation procedure, which enhances microstructural details through selective coloring of microscoping features. His submittal was awarded an Honorable Mention in a group that included high-quality entries from around the world. Congratulations to Derek on this achievement!!

Entry Originally Posted on 09/15/2022

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