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PES' Continued Involvement With Local Chapters of Professional Organizations - 2016

Professional organizations help to share the knowledge between the generations of those within common occupations. They also serve as a platform for networking and problem solving. PES believes in the importance and functionality of these groups at the local level and we offer support and resources to their advancement and growth.

In February of this year, PES hosted the Johnstown/Altoona Section of AWS .

That same month, we sponsored a table at Young Members Night for the Pittsburgh Section of ASM International.

In September, Mike Kowatch served as presenter for the joint meeting between the Pittsburgh chapters of ASM and AWS.

In October, Mike will be be doing the same for the Pittsburgh chapter of ASNT. This time, PES will be hosting the event, as well.

We are proud of our involvement in these great organizations and we look forward to supporting them – and others – in the years to come.

Entry Originally Posted on October 18, 2016

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