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PES Vision, Mission, Values - Updated!

At PES Testing, we are committed to creating a positive and inspiring culture that works cohesively to drive business forward. As we continue on our journey of growth, we are constantly evolving to ensure that we can provide top-notch customer service and accurate, reliable testing services for our clients.

Throughout our facility-wide expansion, we wanted to ensure that we were living up to our company and customer's standards while still keeping top of mind who we aspire to be, the reason that PES exists, and the values that serve as our moral compass in our daily actions and decision making.

In order to continue evolving, we have updated our Vision, Mission, and Values that showcase who we are. We might have a new look and new vision and mission, but we are the same independent testing lab that is committed to providing our clients with a Rapid Response and Dependable Delivery. Who we are has not changed... we are PES, always a family.

Entry Originally Posted 06/20/2022

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