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Product Evaluation Systems Celebrates 35th Year - 2014

Product Evaluation Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that 2014 marks its 35th year providing customers with an exceptional, personalized response to their mechanical, metallurgical and chemical testing needs, and providing expedient turnaround. PES was founded in 1979 in Latrobe, PA by Lawrence Lyons.

As PES has grown over the past three and a half decades, it has continued to improve each year by adding to its experience, capacity and testing capabilities. Now PES has the ability to offer a full spectrum of testing services and solutions including mechanical, nondestructive, metallurgical, and chemical testing as well as machining and heat treating services.

Product Evaluation has delivered results to customers all across in the United States and internationally. Walter Moorhead, president of PES, attributes the company’s 35 years of success to individuals both inside and outside of the organization. “We thank each of our loyal customers and dedicated employees who are all responsible for helping us reach this special milestone in PES’s history,” said Moorhead.

Today, PES maintains its customer oriented approach to materials testing with results in an expedient manner. Although the company has seen many changes throughout the years, it has always kept its commitment to customer satisfaction the top priority. PES is proud of the past 35 years of growth and is looking forward to serving many industries for years to come.

Entry Originally Posted on April 24, 2014

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