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Our Mechanical Testing Department has the technical experience and equipment necessary to evaluate metallic materials under a variety of test conditions. Whether you need Fatigue Testing performed at elevated temperatures, Charpy Impacts tested in liquid nitrogen, or a simple tension test at room temperature, PES has the dedicated staff ready to get you results when you need them. 

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Tensile Testing

Ambient, Cryo, and Elevated Temperature Capabilities

per ASTM E8 & E21

The determination of mechanical properties is fundamental to the design, manufacture, and implementation of products in everyday life. Whether it is a new rotor design for a jet engine, or a simple bracket holding the legs on your chair, it is essential to have the correct material properties of the material being used. PES performs a wide array of standard mechanical property tests, including but not limited to; Tensile Testing, Charpy Impacts, Fracture Toughness, Fatigue, Hardness, and Stress/Creep Rupture. We also perform customized tests on finished components and non-standard specimens under different laboratory conditions. It is our goal to provide accurate and timely data to our customers so that they can feel safe around the products that they use/encounter throughout their everyday travels. 

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