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PES continues to evolve with new LECO machine

PES has recently acquired a new LECO CS744 Carbon/Sulfur analyzer for our Chemistry Lab. This leads to the question, what does a LECO machine do? LECO testing, also known as LECO Combustion Testing, allows chemists to identify gases and other elements in a metallic sample. The testing method can also detect and quantify levels of several different elements, such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur.

LECO testing is nothing new to the PES facility, as we have been performing the testing for years. The new purchase of equipment, however, has expanded the labs capabilities, reduced maintenance downtime and costs, and improved reporting methods.  All of these benefits allow us to evolve and continue to serve our customers.

Below is a list of just a few specifications PES is able to comply with for LECO services:

LECO Oxygen/Nitrogen per ASTM E1019

LECO Carbon/Sulfur per ASTM E1019 & ASTM E1941

LECO Hydrogen per ASTM E1447

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